Eurotrash Weekend

Here's something new:

Road race today reminded me of the Tour of Poland; cold and rainy. 55 degrees with rain throughout and strong winds. It was miserable, but I switched my brain off after a while. Then the cold caught up to me and I switched my brain back on and was miserable. But I had made a little early-race selection, so I had to stay with it. Came down to a sprint. My body had spent too much time keeping itself warm and didnt have anything left at the end, despite the ride being easy on the legs. I don't know where I was. Maybe 10th or so? Hard to tell.

I thought about quitting. But that would dishonor my mustache and cycling cap.

Street Sprints later. I'll do them if they happen. Must honor the stache. Crit tomorrow. Same weather as today. I anticipate a lot of crashes.

Thank you for reading the most boring race report this blog has ever bequeathed to the populace.

You know what? I'm feeling generous, here's a photo of Vladimir Karpets:


Sorry folks

Tales from the Peloton has been banned by the UCI.

I enjoyed it, other people enjoyed it, but I haven't the time anymore.



None are worthy enough to guest-blog on Tales From The Peloton.

But TFTP might have done a little guest-blogging over on Texas Cycling.


Cycling in Townsend and The Smoky Mountains

A recent winter trip to Tennessee found me in Townsend with a bike and spare time on my hands. Here's a list of my ride reports:

Rides 1 & 2 - Cades Cove

Ride 3 - Foothills Parkway and Tail of the Dragon

Ride 4 - Wears Valley to Pigeon Forge

I found the Tail of the Dragon site very useful in learning about that ride, and it also gave me info on the Cherohala Skyway, a bit further away, but a ride which I'll have to do at some other point. Had there not had been heavy snow just before we got there, I probably also would have ridden up to Clingman's Dome.

Rides 1 & 2 - Cades Cove

Cycling in Cades Cove starting at The Y and ending in Townsend

Ride 1 - aborted Cades Cove ride.

The heavy snow over the weekend meant that the road up to Cades Cove was closed, so my dad and I got dropped off and took our bikes up it.

There was snow in abundance so everything looked nice and the road was closed to cars, so it was very pleasant despite being freezing or so.

We saw a snow plow and a park ranger coming down the other way and gave them a slight wave which was entirely unreciprocated. Unfortunately, the ranger turned around and told us that the route was closed to bikes as well as cars, so that we wouldn't get hit by snow falling off of tree limbs. We turned around, went downhill, got very cold, left the park, remained very cold, and called in a pick up so we'd stop freezing.

Ride 2 - Cycling Cades Cove, successful this time

This time we actually made it into Cades Cove. See map here.

It was nice and scenic with the dusting of snow that remained, but still with bunches of cars, who often slowed us down. During the summer months they close Cades Cove off to cars Wednesday and Sunday mornings, in which case you'll be slowed down by people on hybrids rather than cars.

Getting over the cars though, and passing over the idea that me getting frustrated by having to slow down for cars is like cars having to slow down for me, it was a nice ride though.

Ride 3: Foothills Parkway and Tail of the Dragon

Cycling in Townsend and the Smoky Mountains